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If you plan on insulting your romantic partner’s style sensibilities, then by all means, buy her a pepto-pink gizmo. After all, nothing says those three magic words (by which I mean, “Let’s break up!,”) with quite the same punch as does a blushing gadget. If, however, you want to say those other three words that are the entire reason for February 14th, read on for some gift ideas that are sure to make her squeal with joy.

Set the mood with a few LED candles, spruce up the apartment with some love-centric aromas, make sure your breath is kissably fresh, put some romantic tunes on (bonus: give her the flash drive to keep!) and wow your geeky gal with one of the following Valentine’s Day gifts.


(Net) Book It

If you must go the route of red, pink, or floral gizmo, surprise her with the girly gadget nearly every female is drooling over: the HP Mini 100 Vivienne Tam laptop. The size of a clutch, this stylish red peony-bedecked laptop is guaranteed to make you the best boyfriend/ husband_ ever_. Sure, at around $700, this baby isn’t the most price-conscious Valentine out there, but she’s worth it, right? Forewarning: stand close by when she opens it—you’ll have to catch her when she swoons.

Carry On, Then

Your geek chick’s already got a laptop, you say? Well, step right up then to view the most perfect laptop bags—the Hayden-Harnett Ibiza and the Hayden-Harnett for Target Flight Tote. Even those ladies with limited tech prowess can enjoy the classic style. For a splurge of a gift, there’s the original Ibiza tote ($198), a wonderful, utilitarian nylon tote with solid leather straps. To save a bit, pick up the Target version at a fourth of the price [left].

Tea Time

Show your lady you’re not jealous of her love for geek god Kevin Rose with diggnation teas from Adagio Teas. A cool $25 will set your lady up with a taste of eight different flavors from some of the hottest nerds of the interwebs.

Plate Your Way to Her Heart

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day gift guide for women if we didn’t include an MP3 player. Now, before you start yawning, hear me out: customization. Sure, you could get an iPod engraved with some chintzy saying like Apple suggests—or you could copperplate it yourself using our instructions here, opening the door to some seriously awesome and romantic personalization. (Or, ya know, to a periodic table.)

Something Glittery for the Ears?

Aww, they’re so pretty and elegant they should come in one of those famous robin’s egg blue boxes with a big white bow. Swarovski crystal accented headphones by Philips. ($100).

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Sing your praises of your lady love with one of these adorable robot love prints. ($6.50). Then give her a pair of winsome Robots in Love earrings in green ($8) to really push all the right buttons.

Made With Love (and LEDs)

Handcrafted gifts are the best. Make her an LED bracelet, a Space Invaders tote, or an LED chandelier from Fashioning Technology, and don’t forget to give her the book so she can make the rest of the adorable projects.

Hearts ‘n’ Crafts

If you’re not feeling particularly handy, have someone else do all the work for you. is a veritable treasure trove of handmade geekery (they’ve even dedicated a category on the homepage to it!) PopSci‘s picks? Go the traditional jewelry route with a lean towards her love of science: Albert Einstein earrings ($6.50), CTRL+Z necklace ($32). Items tend to run pretty cheaply and are considerably more interesting than your run-of-the-mill crafts. Best of all, you can even request something custom-made in the labs.

Watch It

Show her she’s made every minute of racing each other on_Mario Kart_ worth remembering. The Samui Moon Binary watch ($160) combines sleek and sexy design with the binary numeral system.

Forget Xs and Os

Who knew base-2 could be so romantic? Speak the geek’s language of love with the Geek Love pendant ($50), which spells it out for her in binary.