ChopSci: Inside a Rotary Evaporator

On the first episode of Kitchen Tech, the chefs use a $17,000 lab distiller to show the good side of juice from concentrate

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Most chefs will tell you they only need a sharp knife and a hot pan to make a great meal. Of course, if you want to go beyond a great meal and start pushing the limits of what food can be, you might need some extra gear. That’s where food technology guru Dave Arnold and renowned international chef Nils Noren come in.

Arnold, who our own Ted Allen called the food world’s answer to Q from James Bond, finds or builds the machines, and Noren (a former executive chef at Aquavit and current Vice President of Culinary Arts at The French Culinary Institute) brings in the cooking chops needed to design the dishes. Together in this new Popular Science video series, Arnold and Noren team up to highlight different pieces of equipment that have made their way out of laboratory and into the kitchen.

Be sure to bookmark, and come back next week when the guys get down and dirty with a vacuum infuser.