LCDs that Are All Screen

By this point I already felt that I had exhausted all the interesting options. So I stopped by to check out Samsung SDI’s exhibit of advertising LCDs, and in doing so might have accidentally stumbled upon the future of TV. Samsung was showing off new tech for LCDs with extremely thin frames (7.3 millimeters, to be exact). That allows them to “tile” the frames together into giant video walls with barely visible seams (Samsung’s Yong Park said they hope to ultimately get the frame down under 5 millimeters). LCDs “tiled” together in a video wall.

Last night, the Consumer Electronics Association kicked off the digital holiday season with the CES Preview in Manhattan. At first glance, it appeared to be one of the most depressing product shows I’ve ever been to.

I thought I could see everything blogable in 10 minutes. Fortunately, that wasn’t quite the case and after making the rounds a few times and asking a bunch of questions, I actually learned of some interesting things.

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