Wacky Hybrid Appliances

A tanning shower? A washing machine toilet? Check out this round-up of the most brilliant (fine, inept) gadget combinations around

Because a cramped apartment clearly shouldn’t interfere with your love of a freshly-tapped keg, or a tan, or clean clothes. From the useful (a toilet which shoulders a washing machine) to the inane (showers sporting tanning lamps!), these gadgets all tap into a deep-seated desire: “It’s a thing! That does another thing!”

Folks, this is human ingenuity at its apex. Enjoy.

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You helped your friend build a homemade kegerator in college, but it’s time to grow up with the HomePub. Beer aficionados will appreciate the fact that the beer-keg-and-tap system built into the door frees up valuable space for, you guessed it, another keg! (There’s a special shelf inside the fridge designed specifically to chill a back-up.) The 301-liter refrigerator/freezer combo comes in a stainless steel finish and uses an environmentally friendly cooling gas, Isobutane R600. About $800, Asko From our friends at This Old House

Air Freshener/Hidden Camera

No one ever suspects the air freshener. It just sits there, quietly ridding the air of noxious odors. Or so you’ve been led to believe. This unobtrusive device is actually a double agent, containing a fully functioning surveillance system with a built-in camera. Black and white or color, wired or wireless, and recording options are available. Just remember they are watching (while also leaving a room with a fresh, clean smell). About $140-$600, depending on which features you choose, Brickhouse Security

Speaker/Radio/Aromatherapy Burner/Light

This hard-working little guy actually has four uses: it functions as an aromatherapy oil burner, a speaker (you can connect it to any CD or mp3 player, including your iPod); an AM/FM radio; and a seven-color-changing LED light. It is powered by a USB port or batteries and is perfect for high-tech hippies and really stressed nerds. About $30, Brando

Mirror/Wireless Radio

Singing in the bathroom just isn’t fun when you are chronically tone deaf. The iSing Wireless Shower Radio Mirror drowns out pathetic crooning attempts with audio from an mp3 or CD player, a television, or computer while also providing a handy reflective surface to use while shaving in the morning. About $100, Zadro


If you catch glimpses of the ocean more often while watching The Hills than actually going to a beach, the ProSun Sunshower is a great way to fool your friends and family into thinking you lead an outdoorsy life. The tanning system, which installs into the wall of a shower stall, helps you slowly build up a “sun-kissed” glow. A control panel allows you to choose how long and which body parts you want to tan. Just remember there are some places the sun don’t shine for a reason. About $10,900, ProSun _And that’s just the beginning! See the rest of the list at _This Old House. Related Content from our friends at This Old House Wackiest Kitchen Gadgets Wackiest Bath Products Wackiest Pet Products Wackiest Yard & Garden Gadgets