Four-Screen Mario

A Japanese engineer squeezed entire Super Mario Bros. levels onto four monitors. Never again will we live in fear of what we’re running toward.

Pelican Spider

The only way to justify the Pelican Spider’s existence is for it to exterminate other spiders. Which it does. So we’re good, Pelican Spider.

Mouse Spermatocyte

GE announced the winners of its yearly Cell Imaging Competition, and this image of a mouse spermatocyte took a prize, mostly for making a mouse spermatocyte something you would want to see.


Big week for microscopic image awards, actually. The Wellcome Image Awards Competition winners are out. Here’s a zebrafish embryo, also known as a “water zombie.” (That is not a real thing. Could catch on though.) Here’s a look at a past year’s winners.

Giant Paper Elephant

This is a giant paper elephant folded from a single sheet of giant paper, because making an elephant from a napkin doesn’t make a lick of sense.

Neon Worms

Alexander Semenov takes photos of exotic worms. You get enough sleep, right? You can afford to wake up in a sweat sometimes.

LEGO Keyboard

A keyboard made entirely from LEGOs (Legos, LEGO bricks, etc.; stop sending me emails). Relive your childhood in your grown-up office job.

Electrified Film Art

Here’s what happens when you run 15,000 volts through Fujifilm instant film. Pretty nice, eh? There is a Kickstarter for it, natch.


Like Scooby Doo pursued by a bumbling villain, spring is saying just out of reach. But it’s coming. Maybe. Meantime, here’s a sundog, which is an atmospheric condition (and ready-made overwrought metaphor!) that lets a tiny bit of light peek through on an overcast day.