Sauron From Space

The Middle-Earth Project, perhaps the nerdiest thing in recent memory, is an attempt to computer-model all of the geography from Tolkien’s novels. Here’s the Eye of Sauron, as seen from space.

Atlanta Snow

Did you hear it was more or less the apocalypse in Atlanta? It was.

Solar Eclipse

But in warmer news: NASA picked up this view of a partial solar eclipse, as seen from its Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Insect City

Design studio SNOL created intricate, transparent insect cities, then projected them on to the walls. Just as David Lynch-y as you’d expect.

3-D Printed Nails

Here are some 3-D printed nails. Next: the rest of the hand.

Nice Algae

A group of hobbyists artistically arranged algae specimens into floral shapes. They’re like tiny rugs.

Rat With Bear

Ha. Look at this little guy. Why do you have a teddy bear, little guy? You are not a person! A bear would eat you! Not that I’m complaining someone took this.

X-Ray Animals

Arie van’t Riet, a photographer and one-time radiation physicist, combines the two skills to make colorized animal images like this.

Spinny Glow Thing

The Spiral Top is a device intended to spin really fast in space and leave a trail of LED light behind. It works! Astronaut Koichi Wakata recently tweeted out some photos of it in action.