Star-Shaped Cataracts And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Star-Shaped Cataracts

A 42-year-old electrician got star-shaped cataracts after being shocked by 14,000 volts. First one to make a "stars in his eyes" joke loses.New England Journal Of Medicine via LiveScience

Sauron From Space

The Middle-Earth Project, perhaps the nerdiest thing in recent memory, is an attempt to computer-model all of the geography from Tolkien's novels. Here's the Eye of Sauron, as seen from space.The Middle-Earth Project via Co.Design

Atlanta Snow

Did you hear it was more or less the apocalypse in Atlanta? It was.yesmetish via Business Insider

Solar Eclipse

But in warmer news: NASA picked up this view of a partial solar eclipse, as seen from its Solar Dynamics Observatory.NASA/SDO

Insect City

Design studio SNOL created intricate, transparent insect cities, then projected them on to the walls. Just as David Lynch-y as you'd expect.KNOL via designboom

3-D Printed Nails

Here are some 3-D printed nails. Next: the rest of the hand.The Laser Girls via io9

Nice Algae

A group of hobbyists artistically arranged algae specimens into floral shapes. They're like tiny rugs.A.L. Brigger via Colossal

Rat With Bear

Ha. Look at this little guy. Why do you have a teddy bear, little guy? You are not a person! A bear would eat you! Not that I'm complaining someone took this.Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen via Visual News

X-Ray Animals

Arie van’t Riet, a photographer and one-time radiation physicist, combines the two skills to make colorized animal images like this.Arie van’t Riet via LikeCool

Spinny Glow Thing

The Spiral Top is a device intended to spin really fast in space and leave a trail of LED light behind. It works! Astronaut Koichi Wakata recently tweeted out some photos of it in action.Koichi Wakata via Laughing Squid