Flower Explosion

Sure, this was done as an ad for Sony TVs, but it’s a pretty damn good ad. The agency, McCann, sent flower petals exploding over a Costa Rica town.

Clever Owl

Smithsonian magazine announced the winners of its 11th annual photo competition, and this hide-and-go-seek champ was a finalist.

Pixel Church

Miguel Chevalier added an interactive light display to Sacré Coeur Church in Casablanca. Dance around, and the lights move in response.

Robot Eye Parasite Thing

This future monocle tracks your eye movements and respiratory rate when you’re browsing the web, then organizes your life by what you seem most interested in. Those tracking cookies don’t seem so bad now, actually.

Shapeshifting Furniture

The inFORM is a set of pins that undulates in response to human movement, and it could make for a weird furniture of the future. You can read more about it over at Co.Design.

An Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace

This heart necklace is correct on the exterior and interior. (Besides, you know, the whole folding thing.)

Shuttle On The Roof

Either someone created a model space shuttle and put it on their roof or the apartment 14-C space program is making stunning progress.

Floating Dome

NIKE put this surreal floating dome up at Milan Design Week. There are even shoes in those columns weighing it all down. When the aliens unearth our ruined civilization thousands of years from now they will think the swoosh was a symbol of harmony with the Earth.

El Gordo

Using the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA determined the mass of this far away galaxy, known as “El Gordo,” to be “three million billion times the mass of our sun.” Ooooh. Sick space burn.