Through clever camera-work, illustrator Vesa Lehtimäki took photos of his kids' toys, set in the real world. Here's the Millennium Falcon. Vesa Lehtimäki via Design TAXI

Toy Dissections

Attention, Parents of the Year: teach your children about horrifying, mutant anatomy with these sculptures by Jason Freeny.

Ice Fortress

Imgur user UnspeakableFilth created and documented the building of this ice fortress, from which I presume he set about conquering the other ice fortresses in his/her neighborhood Game of Thrones style.

Icetimus Prime

Related: Icetimus Prime.

Miyazaki Minecraft

A fan of director Hayao Miyazaki recreated the world of his modern classic Spirited Away in the building game _Minecraft_–like, the whole world. Looks pretty great, too.

A 3-D Printed Book Sleeve

For the upcoming sci-fi novel On Such a Full Sea, Riverhead teamed up with Makerbot to 3-D print a limited edition sleeve.

A Fruit Fly Eye

Neuroscientist Karin Panser took this beautiful, rainbow-fied image of a fruit fly’s eye. It took top honors for the Huygens Image Contest 2013, which honors great microscopic images.

“Inflatable” Astronaut

Nice inflatable astronaut, right? Nope! It’s actually ceramic. Meant, I believe, for playing pranks on children.

Counterfeit Statues

Photographer Chiara Goia took a trip to China’s Counterfeiting Capital to see where knock-off statues come from. Here’s what he found.

House Of Mirrors

Johan Selbing Architecture and Anouk Vogel created this glass-facade house. Good thing it’s so low to the ground, otherwise it would be prime bird-crashing-into-window material.