Star Wars Ships In The Skies And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Millennium Falcon

Through clever camera-work, illustrator Vesa Lehtimäki took photos of his kids' toys, set in the real world. Here's the Millennium Falcon.Vesa Lehtimäki via Design TAXI

Toy Dissections

Attention, Parents of the Year: teach your children about horrifying, mutant anatomy with these sculptures by Jason Freeny.Jason Freeny via io9

Ice Fortress

Imgur user UnspeakableFilth created and documented the building of this ice fortress, from which I presume he set about conquering the other ice fortresses in his/her neighborhood Game of Thrones style.UnspeakableFilth/Imgur

Icetimus Prime

Related: Icetimus Prime.Antti Pedrozo and Michel de Kok via LikeCool

Miyazaki Minecraft

A fan of director Hayao Miyazaki recreated the world of his modern classic Spirited Away in the building game _Minecraft_--like, the whole world. Looks pretty great, too.Alan Becker via Kotaku

A 3-D Printed Book Sleeve

For the upcoming sci-fi novel On Such a Full Sea, Riverhead teamed up with Makerbot to 3-D print a limited edition sleeve.Riverhead via Dezeen

A Fruit Fly Eye

Neuroscientist Karin Panser took this beautiful, rainbow-fied image of a fruit fly's eye. It took top honors for the Huygens Image Contest 2013, which honors great microscopic images.IMP via New Scientist

"Inflatable" Astronaut

Nice inflatable astronaut, right? Nope! It's actually ceramic. Meant, I believe, for playing pranks on children.Brett Kern via Colossal

Counterfeit Statues

Photographer Chiara Goia took a trip to China's Counterfeiting Capital to see where knock-off statues come from. Here's what he found.Chiara Goia via Co.Design

House Of Mirrors

Johan Selbing Architecture and Anouk Vogel created this glass-facade house. Good thing it's so low to the ground, otherwise it would be prime bird-crashing-into-window material.Jeroen Musch via designboom