Jelly Bean Ants And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Jelly Bean Ants

Here are some ants with transparent abdomens being fed liquid with food coloring. They look like jelly beans and you should definitely eat one.Mohamed Babu via io9

Transparent Snail

In other transparent creature news: look at these snails. Weird.Alexander M. Weigand via Live Science

Dragon Hedge

Dragon hedge, or hedge dragon? The answer will astound you.Damien McFadden via Mashable


Fordite is old car paint that's hardened and been cut into new forms.Talyer Jewelry via Colossal

Global Selfie

NASA organized a global selfie mosaic for Earth Day. Little did they know selfies can only harm our beautiful world.NASA via io9

Frostie The Snow Goat

This goat has bad hind legs but walks with the help of this wheelie apparatus. If that doesn't melt your heart, the goat's name is Frostie The Snow Goat. If that doesn't melt your heart, you have a black pit there.Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

Smog Shield

Architecture firm Nemesi & Partners created this design to add a smog-filtering facade to Milan's Palazzo Italia.Nemesi & Partners via GizMag

Fog Wall

Here's an insane storm of fog rolling in over Lake Michigan. A father and son took this video and were apparently totally fine, so, worth it?Andrew Ballard via Slate

Napkin Table

Was all ready to make fun of this idea but then I remembered barbecue exists. Sign me up. (ALERT: There is a wall of robot penises in the next image.)Hung Lu, Chan via designboom

Penis Wall

This giant wall of 3-D printed penises visualizes the stock market. Do not ask why.Adrian Chen