iPad People And Other Amazing Images From This Week

iPad People

Look at the person nearest to you. I mean really look. Can you say with certainty that this person is not obscuring his or face with an iPad, posing as another person? You can't.Katsuki Nogami via designboom

Wood Kitchen

This is a kitchen made out of wood. You may think that would make for a bad kitchen. This is true. But also: everything becomes a cutting board.Roxy Paine via Colossal

Sticker Tokyo

Yukino Ohmura uses stickers to create twilight cityscapes. It's like Blade Runner for kids.Yukino Ohmura via The Verge

A Dolphin And Surfer

Man, this photo. It's like an exaggerated Caribbean cruise ad, but for real.Matt Hutton via The Huffington Post


Mantis? More like dance-tis! (I am so, so sorry. There are other images from this competition that maybe you can make better portmanteaus from.)Hasan Baglar, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Oldest Footprints

These prints, discovered in England, are the oldest footprints ever discovered outside of Africa, dating to 800,000 years ago. (But are they human footprints???) (They are.)Natural History Museum via io9


Toronto Architecture firm Raw Design created these gigantic Koosh balls. They can keep people warm, apparently? Also, giant Koosh ball.Raw Design via Design TAXI

Mars Crater

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted this crater on Mars.NASA

Fungus Towers

Towers lined with vegetation will soon be coming to New York's MoMA P.S.1 museum. I just call them trees but whatever. (It's actually a fungus tower and it's rad.)The Living via The Atlantic Cities

Sochi From Space

The Olympics just started! You could be watching them anywhere in the world, but you're here with us, and we appreciate that. Here is Sochi, as seen from space.NASA/Landsat