Instagram In Real Life And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Instagram IRL

Ha. Pretty clever, right? Artist Bruno Ribeiro started posting these signs, turning photographers into Instagrammers whether they're using the app or not.Bruno Ribeiro via Design Milk

Lemur Friends

Apparently, the National Zoo gave this lemur a stuffed lemur because the animal was lonely. (Related: Were you able to instantly tell one of them was stuffed?)Reddit via BuzzFeed

A Head-Up Display For Soldiers

The U.S. Army is testing this helmet with an Android phone-based head-up display. It could flash important data to soldiers out in the field, and has plating to protect against 9mm shots. Plus: Angry Birds during downtime, probably.Revision via Kinja

Jet Pod

If you were, say, a supervillain escaping an island after your plot has been foiled, what would you use to flee? This jet-pod-boat thing designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini? Correct.Pierpaolo Lazzarini via designboom

Sandpaper Miniatures

Mandy Smith creates miniature sandpaper objects to, uh, make us appreciate what we have? Anyway, they're awesome.Bruno Drummond via Colossal

Genetically Modified Blueberries/Wolf Massage Art

All right, so clearly that headline is promising a lot, but stick with me here. Design studio Cohen Van Balen created an installation and very weird proposal for protecting the gray wolf. Glowing metal robo-arms would massage the wolves, enticing them to eat blueberries that have been genetically modified to vaccinate against rabies. Okay.Cohen Van Balen via Co.Design

The Coldest Place In The Universe

The super-powered ALMA telescope array uncovered this look at The Boomerang Nebula, the coldest place in the universe at a nippy minus 458 degrees Fahrenheit.Bill Saxton; NRAO/AUI/NSF; NASA/Hubble; Raghvendra Sahai

Solar Flares

On the other end of that spectrum, the sun released three solar flares in two days this week. Eek. But we could some neat photos at least. You can read more about that here.NASA/SDO/GSFC

A Balloon To Space

A company called World View Enterprises is planning to sell near-space balloon tours, sending passengers about 19 miles in the air. This is a concept drawing of World View's vessel. Is balloon the most efficient way to get that high? No. But it is the most Jules Verne-ish way.World View Enterprises via Gizmag

Eskil Ronningsbakken

This is "extreme" artist Eskil Ronningsbakken unicycling near a large cliff. Whatever he is doing this weekend is likely crazier than what you are doing.Eskil Ronningsbakken via LikeCool