Glass Viruses And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Glass Viruses

Artist Luke Jerram makes blown-glass sculptures of viruses that are up to 1 million times larger than the real thing. Here's swine flu, as seen after the sneeze of a giant glass pig.Luke Jerram via designboom

What Emotions Look Like

Researchers created a map of human emotions by triggering feelings in volunteers--through certain words, images, etc.--and having them self-report those feelings by coloring in a human-shaped space. Here are the colors folks chose.Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari Hietanen via Discover

Octopus Hug

The research sub Alvin was met by this octopus while exploring the Gulf of Mexico. Personality litmus test: is this a friendly, "Octopus's Garden"-type octopus, or a menacing, attacking one?Bruce Strickrott, Expedition to the Deep Slope

Cyborg Jelly

Vincent Fournier imagines what creatures would look like with a little robotic augmentation. The answer is usually scary. See more here.Vincent Fournier

Speaker Bubble

This orb thing is a giant speaker. Just cozy up inside and relax to some of your favorite music and tune out all of the people trying to free you from your glass witch-cage. Also: good addition for Flaming Lips concerts.AudioOrbs via LikeCool

Vanishing Tree Trunk

Daniel Siering and Mario Shu made a piece of tree--still attached to the rest of the tree--"vanish" by wrapping it in plastic and camouflaging it with paint. Amazing. Although if I was driving on that road behind it I might freak out.Daniel Siering and Mario Shu via Colossal

Ice Truck

So, this is an ad. But it's also a Canadian ad where the creators build a working truck from blocks of ice and a chassis, so hey.Canadian Tire via Sploid

Real-Life Comics

Montreal's Mount Royal Avenue got a winter makeover this year, adding comics-style lights to the street. The project, called "Idea-O-Rama," isn't permanent, but should be coming back for the next two years, too. You can see more photos here.Bernard Fougères via The Verge

Winter Storm

Happy New Year, East Coast! Here is your first winterpocalypse of 2014, as seen from space.NASA/GSFC/Aqua/MODIS

Snow Hutt

So this frozen Jabba the Hutt is from a couple years back, but maybe it can get you through this cold winter snap, or spark some creativity. Bring me a Han Solo version.via BuzzFeed