Sad Robots

What do futuristic robots of the ’50s do when they’re not blasting off to space? Living lives of quiet desperation (womp), according to these designs, inspired by vintage Popular Science issues.

Antineutrino Map

To learn more about the Earth’s heat composition, physicists measure the release of antineutrinos—which are also released by nuclear plants. To compensate, a team created this map, of antineutrinos on the surface. They’ll be building detectors as far away from the active parts as possible.

Smog Protestors

In China, artists have been creating vibrant protests against air pollution.

New Space Suits

NASA released some new concepts for next-generation spacesuits. Are they a little Space Family Robinson? Perhaps, yes.

Cross-Stitched Bugs

Aw. Cute lil’ viruses.

Amazon Skyscraper

This bonkers design for a rainforest skyscraper will almost certainly never get built, but it can’t hurt to dream: the skyscraper would absorb water when it falls, then hold it in case of a rainforest fire.

Fish-Scale CDs

Ignatov Architects created Mirror Culture, a fish scale-like mural in Varna, Bulgaria made from 6,000 old Jewel records various CDs.

Apocalypse Three-Wheeler

If you’re concerned about staying eco-friendly in a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-ian hellscape, this bike, the Standard Bearer Machines’s Rungu, might be for you.

Transparent Skull

A team of Dutch doctors successfully implanted a 3-D printed skull into a woman’s head. Three months after surgery, the 22-year-old woman who had the operation is apparently doing fine.