Cleverly timed picture of Osprey in front of NASA logo results in super patriotic photo.

Hobbit House

La Maison Vague is a beautifully designed work of public housing in France but, more importantly, looks like a house from The Shire.

Tape Bird

In other bird news, Brian Dettmer makes these scary bird things out of tape. The scariest part is that every tape is a discarded edition of Framptom Comes Alive!.

Motorbikes Of Vietnam

I’m always like, “Dude, just make a second trip to the grocery store later.” But will he listen? No, never.

Bubble Art

Bradley Hart injects paint in bubble wrap to recreate famous works of art; then he pops all the bubbles. It must be said, it requires a remarkable amount of restraint to not pop the bubbles as soon as he gets the wrap.

Sci-Fi Office

This is a Zaha Hadid design for a Dubai office tower. In the future, every cubicle will also look like it’s slowly melting.

Sandcastle Matt

These beautiful but slightly Lovecraftian sandcastles were made by someone with the very un-Lovecraftian name Sandcastle Matt.

Glacier Bridge

This absurdly picturesque bridge is in Canada’s Jasper National Park. But, existential question: Is a half-circle bridge really a bridge? Chew on that.

Comic On A Hair

Claudia Puhlfürst used ion beam etching to put an entire comic on a hair.