A Game Boy WALL-E And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Game Boy WALL-E

André Farinha creates pop culture sculptures out of Game Boys. Here's a WALL-E tribute, which presumably doesn't make any noise in the first 20 minutes after you turn it on.André Farinha via Kotaku

A Guitar Forest

You are looking at the great Soft Rock Forest of Argentina, where some say the wind, when you listen close, sounds like James Taylor.NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team

L’oeuf Electrique

Atlanta's High Museum of Art is showcasing 17 beautiful, bizarre concept cars of the past, including this electric car from French designer Paul Arzens's "l’oeuf électrique," which in English literally translates to "golf cart."Musée des Arts et Métiers/Photo by Michel Zumbrunn and Urs Schmid via designboom

Bridge Cities

A plan for fixing dilapidated Italian motorways would turn bridges like this into miniature cities. Essentially, everyone gets to be a fairy tale troll.Oxo Architecture via The Verge

Running, Mapped

Sisu is a startup that turns your daily running routes into art. Sure. Get in shape, get a nice poster.Sisu via PSFK

New NASA Suit

Here's the next generation of NASA spacesuit. Nice? Maybe a bit on the danger-Will-Robinson side?NASA

Videogame Bike

Red Bull staged a (real-life) BMX course to make it look like it was from a videogame. But it was not!Red Bull via Sploid

Phone Chair

If you are REALLY concerned about people interrupting your call, the simplest way to tell people you are on a call is to sit in a gigantic phone-shaped chair. That'll tell 'em.Ruud Van De Wier via Co.Design

Volcanic Plume

NASA's Aqua satellite snapped this false-color image of volcanic smoke in the South Sandwich Islands.Jeff Schmaltz/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA GSFC

Duck Speaker

Disney has a 3-D printing process that can turn any object into a speaker. Here's a duck speaker you can use to a) listen to your tranquil duck recordings with, or b) convince someone the ghost of a Civil War soldier lies inside of a tiny duck statue.Disney via Design TAXI