Ear Binoculars And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Ear Binoculars
These are "ear binoculars." Pan across a view of the city, in this case Newcastle, and the headphones play pre-recorded sound from the area where you're looking. So it's an illusion -- but also a very good opportunity to make someone think they've overheard a crime, in my opinion.Binaudios via Co.Design
Poop Spider
The orb-web spider cleverly hides from predators by pretending to be bird poop. Imagine, your day is ruined because a bird pooped on your windshield, and then your day is once again ruined because it is spiders.Min-Hui Liu via LiveScience
Darwin's Cracked Egg
This is the only known egg to have survived Charles Darwin's trip on the HMS Beagle -- and it's cracked. But, you know, take what you can get.Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery via The Guardian
This elephant got hold of a camera and took a selfie. One might call it an elfie. I know I would, under the circumstances.Latabe the Elephant/Ross Parry via BBC
Blue Eruption
This volcano is in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression. The unique blue? That's actually from flames created during the (deadly) burning of sulfuric gases. So much more welcoming than your usual volcanic eruption, though.Olivier Grunewald via New Scientist
Moon House
Artist Mikael Genberg wants to put a self-assembling house on the moon by 2015. The moon was such a hip neighborhood before the carpetbaggers started ruining the place.Mikael Genberg via designboom
Sky Pool
I would not swim in this sky pool. You guys go have fun in your crazy sky pool when it's finished in 2015. Leave me out of this.Sky Habitat via My Modern Met
DeltaWing Road Car Concept
Deltawing, makers of a cool racecar that does not look much like a typical racecar, have released a design for a road car. It also does not look much like a car.Deltawing via Gizmag
Star Wars Cookies
A hero at Semi-Sweet Designs created a recipe for Star Wars macarons.Semi-Sweet Designs via io9
Cat App
Kittyo is an app-controlled laser pointer that lets you play with your cat anywhere. It can even dispense treats. Although it may have some competition.Kittyo