Tiny Octopus

A group (litter? gaggle?) of dwarf octopuses recently hatched at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida.

Arctic View

Operation IceBridge is an aerial survey of polar areas. It takes photos like this. It has an awesome name, also.

NES Controller Graffiti

NES Controller graffiti! Why does it have three buttons? No idea. Just soak it in.

The Corn Belt

This image represents photosynthetic activity by measuring light released by plants during photosynthesis. (Plants convert light to fuel, but also invisibly release a small fraction of it.) Here’s the northern hemisphere in July—growing season.

Watering Can

This is not how a watering can works! No. It is not at all.

Balloons Of Internet

Google’s Project Loon is an ambitious plan to send Wi-Fi-enabled balloons across the world. The Balloons of Internet just made one trip around the globe.

Twitter Meets Hopper

Nastya Nudnik adds modern twists to classic art. Here’s Edward Hopper for the social media age.

Calorie Counter

What if Siri counted your calorie intake? That would be… strange. And improbable. And I would always feel like she’s judging me, just a little. But here is an idea for that, nonetheless.

Hagfish Thread

Lovely illustration of ball of twine? Nope! Bio-organic thread from the glands of a hagfish, which is a really gross thing that produces a really useful thing.