Laptop Board

As a regular skateboarder, my two most common thoughts are: Gnarly grind! and Where in heaven’s name will I store all of my stuff during this gnarly grind? Here is a rad solution.

Bear Anatomy

Artist Deborah Simon made a series of amazing–and kinda creepy–bear sculptures that show off the animals’ anatomy.

Infrared Nepal

Photographer Sean Lynch took a series of surreal landscape images of Nepal using infrared photography. Less cotton fields, more cotton candy.

An iPad Hanger For Kids

So, I’m inclined to hate and/or fear this Fisher-Price chair that has a special hanger just so children can stare at their iPads (their parents’ iPads?) without having to move, just lie there and watch cartoons or whatever. But, counter-point: Do you think people went completely bananas when we started hanging mobiles over cribs? (Probably not.)

Re-imagining A Building

Photographer Victor Enrich took a photo of a building in Munich, then photo-manipulated it 88 different ways. After examining said photos, I have determined this is the one that most closely resembles the Jawas’ tank thing in the first Star Wars.

The Morpheus Lander

Here’s a photo from a launch test of NASA’s Morpheus Lander, which hopped 15 meters into the air, 7.5 meters to the side, then back down to Earth.

New Porcupine

Meet Coendou baturitensis, a species of porcupine recently discovered in Brazil. It has a dexterous tail and perhaps the best nose of any animal ever.

Glass Pianos

This installation in San Francisco features 12 glass pianos dangling in the air. Because bad ideas make good inspiration.

A Gold Camera

This 24-karat gold-plated camera went on sale this week for the low price of $4,800, but you missed the sale already. You, Mr. Oil Baron, will now have to find something else for your ludicrously rich, eccentric uncle.