Paper Cut Razors And Other Amazing Images From This Week

When did a paper cut feel this good?

Paper Cut Razors

This bold design harnesses the power of the annoying paper cut and transforms it into a fully functional razor. It's made of water-resistant paper and used like your regular disposable razor. It may not be as fearsome as the [laser beard trimmer](http://a., but it sure is mind blowing.Courtesy Nadeem Haidary via Design Boom

Edible Zen Rock Garden

Zen rock gardens create miniature landscapes from carefully composed arrangements of rocks, raked sand, and other natural objects. This one is made entirely of edible ingredients. Hopefully you can finish arranging your garden before it inspires hunger and you eat it all up.Via Colossal

The World Cup From Above

Since day one of the World Cup, NASA has released an entire album of aerial views of countries participating in the 2014 World Cup. Can you guess which country is depicted here on the left? (Hint: it's the host country)Via NASA’s Flickr Album “NASA Goes to the World Cup 2014”

Sliced Glass Paintings

This is Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks in glass, expertly melted and layered together before sliced to reveal the painting. Much complicated.Loren Stump via Colossal

Beyonce's Master Cleanse Diet

You can call yourself Queen Bee—but only after you’ve gone through Beyonce Knowles’ “master cleanse diet” composed of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, salt, and laxative herbal tea. Um, I’m not sure I want to follow her beygency’s steps here.Dan Bannino Via

Sushi Cat

This adorable orange cat wearing a yellow blanket looks like an sushi omelet. Fortunately, this is just a photographic series of posters and postcards. Warning: do not eat.Tange & Nakimushi peanuts via Designboom

Surreal Digital Art

Be careful the next time you walk down the street—don’t let your shadow get the better of you.Martín De Pasquale via Boingboing

Drunken Murals

It's no surprise that homo sapiens like to drink! A pre-Hispanic mural aptly named Los bebedores (The Drinkers) shows 164 characters participating in a celebration with overflowing pre-historic alcoholic beverages.Héctor Montaño INAH via Past Horizons

Everyday Astronauts

I mean, it’s obvious that an astronaut would walk their dog with a drone, while looking dapper and strutting down the street in their space suit.Tim Dodd via

Google Street Art

Google's panoramic lenses now show you street art from around the world, both past and present. Also, who doesn't like turtles?Google Street Art via Colossal