Tsetse Fly

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the tsetse, the carrier of the lethal sleeping sickness disease. If you’ve never seen one of the flies up close, here’s a look.

Shine A Light

Artist Kikuma Watanabe created this underground shrine with a halo of light, which is literally on the side of a freeway, and definitely not for murders, nope.

Amiga Warhol

The Andy Warhol museum just uncovered previously unknown computer art from the artist after discovering Commodore Amiga floppy disks. Here’s Warhol’s famous soup can.

Pill Bike

This bike concept—yes, it is a bike—is designed to break the world speed record, zooming along at 90 MPH. It also looks like a rubber pill you dropped and lopsided. Or, I don’t know, use your imagination.

Asteroids From Mars

NASA has released the first images of asteroids (Ceres and Vesta) taken from Mars. Nice work, Curiosity.

Feedback Vest

The KOR-FX is a feedback vest that gives you vibrational cues as you play a game or watch a movie. Although maybe a bulletproof vest-like accessory is not the image-improving thing gaming needs?

Coral Reef Art

Artist Courtney Mattison sculpts coral reefs out of porcelain and stoneware, with a beautiful, healthy reef spiraling out into chalky, dead pieces. Not-so-subtle reminder: we are bad to coral reefs.


NASA’s C-20A aircraft took these photos of volcanoes in Guatemala (so you didn’t have to?).

World Penguin Day

Did you know it is World Penguin Day? You have an excuse to look at penguins, as if you needed one.