Uh, so everything you thought about otters being the cuddliest animal ever is probably torn apart after seeing this image. Crocodiles, beware: you might be next. Geoff Walsh via Facebook

Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot With Milk

The pastry god that enchanted the masses with the cronut is back with another combo that is sure to be a hit. This chocolate chip cookie shot will be unveiled at SXSW on Monday and will be available at the New York bakery location soon.

Fish Tank Paint Clouds

The artist drops industrial paint tints into huge fish tanks and photographs the results: artistic fumes of color that dance through the water. Keever was a thermal engineer for NASA before he switched to the life of an artist.

Arduboy, The Interactive Business Card

Step up your networking game with this business card that not only has your information, but also lets people you schmooze with play Tetris. Talk about being stacked.

X-Ray Of Living Cancer Cells

Using high-energy X-rays, the scientists were able to look at the internal structures of living cells in their natural environment. These X-rays also show the differences between the structures of living and dead chemically fixed cells.

The Dragon-Mite

This mite might be one of the most terrifying things ever. But thankfully it’s so small you’ll probably never be able to see it.

The Upgraded Snorkeling Mask

It’s the first full-face snorkeling mask for breathing underwater as easily and naturally as you would on land. It’s also a mask that will totally make you look like a Power Ranger.

Rocket Launches Into An Aurora

This blastoff into an aurora may be one of the most beautiful ones ever.

Rainbow Smoke

StackExchange challenged coders to write a program that would produce original images where each pixel was a different color. Fejes presented this, a creation that automatically plots colored pixels.

Norway’s ‘Memory Wound’ Memorial

Following a massacre that left 77 dead in Norway, Jonas Dahlberg has designed a memorial that somberly reflects on the event. A chunk of land cut out from the island is to represent a void of all the lives lost.