Sci-Fi Country

Why is sci-fi so city-focused? Why can’t we have a Blade Runner set on a farm? Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag remedies that bias with his look at the futuristic countryside.


Matthew Vuolo created this reception desk from a Tesla Model S. Just plug it in and start answering calls.

A Lion Made From Tires

Reddit user m1keyth uploaded this photo of a lion sculpture made from tires. There is some kind of symbolism here probably? Maybe?

Art Wars

For the exhibition Art Wars, Ben Moore teamed up with a series of artists and the creator of the original Storm Trooper helmet to remix the classic Star Wars gear.

Wormhole Walls

Art project, or portal to another dimension??? (It is an art project. Control yourself.) Artist 1010 paints the optical illusions.

The Humble Oarfish

A scientist at the Catalina Island Marine Institute in California was snorkeling around recently when OH GOD LOOK IT’S GIGANTIC. She’d happened across a rare (dead [thankfully]) oarfish. It was 18-feet long.

Oiled Up Plane

NASA engineers added fluorescent oil to a model of a plane, then stuck it in a wind tunnel. This lets them see how wind flows over, and also just makes it look rad. Read more.


Using online search rankings, the design team at Formnation “bred” the ultimate chair, mixing the best assets of different chairs until they had achieved the most comfortable, affordable, stylish chair possible.

Wood Cities

James McNabb creates incredible (imaginary) cities out of wood. See more over at Co.Design.