A Mobius Picnic Table And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Mobius Picnic Table

Artist Michael Beitz designed this picnic table, which is so hammered right now.

Skeleton Fish

This weird skeleton-fish washed up on the coast of Malaysia this week and nobody could figure out what it was. Apparently it’s an Armored Searobin, which is a cute name that masks how weird the thing is.

Fighting Fish

Here is the chaser to that last slide’s shot. Photographer Visarute Angkatavanich takes incredible portraits of Siamese fighting fish.

A Lego-Cyborg Tortoise

This poor little tortoise, named Schildi, had to have his leg amputated. Sad! But vets gave him a Lego wheel instead to help him get around.

Mars Or Bust

India is going to Mars. This week they launched an orbiter to circle the red planet, and here it is taking off.

Code As A Building

For a science museum in Lisbon, architects used LED lighting to create walls based on the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Get it? Because museums are a way to transfer information. Also it looks way cool.

Oversized Speakers

Do you need an iPhone speaker, but also, like, a small wall? Consider this gigantic speaker, which can be yours for only $6,900. For perspective, that black rectangle you see off in the distance is the phone.

Shrimp Soap

Is this a delicious shrimp cocktail, or is it soap made to look like food but is in fact a homemade, vegan lie? (Spoiler: the latter.) Etsy? Yep, Etsy.

Sunset From Space

Astronaut Karen Nyberg tweeted this photo back to Earth, saying “[w]e often see the sun casting red/orange on clouds at sunset. Finally captured it.”

Fireworks Galaxy

And one more awe-inspiring space pic: this is NGC 6946, the “fireworks galaxy,” 22 million light years from Earth.