Full-Color Antarctica

These are some of the earliest full-color images of Antarctica, taken circa 1915 by photographer Frank Hurley. They document the infamous voyage of Sir Ernest Shackleton.

Wooden Skeletons

Artist Giovanni Longo used reclaimed wood to build a series of beautiful, sorta spooky animal skeletons.

Goop Shoes

Are these goopy, 3-D printed monster shoe things what we’ll all be wearing in 2090 when our alien masters release us from our body heat-harvesting liquid tanks for our daily walk through the dystopian hellscape of a ravished Earth? Almost certainly.

Goopy Mars

In other weird goopy news: this is a photo of sand dunes on Mars, taken by the space camera HiRISE.

Rainbow Sun

NASA showed off the capabilities of its Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite with this image, which shows the various wavelengths of light it can detect.

Lego Car

Yep, it’s a Lego car. Yep, it actually drives. 500,000 bricks put to good use.

Tilt-Shift Crab Nebula

Imgur user ScienceLlama applied a tilt-shift photography effect to photos of the universe, creating eye-popping images like this, of the Crab Nebula.

Polar Bear Hotel

This is either a mobile hotel where you can safely watch polar bears, or an ingenious trap for humans designed by the bears. I will assume the latter until the former is proven.

The World’s Winds

The Earth Wind Map is a nearly real-time look at which way the wind is blowing anywhere. The interactive tool pulls NOAA/National Weather Service data every three hours.