These kiddos are playing on a machine created by their father—Ernest Lawrence, the inventor of the atom-smashing cyclotron.

Bug Bike

Look at this electric motorcycle—am I the only one who gets an insectoid vibe from it? Nice looking, regardless.

Modern Ark

Designers at Remi Studio created this concept for a building that will float away as sea levels rise. Foolishly, it looks like it could hold at best 1.5 of every species.

Grand Canyon From Space

I like to imagine an astronaut at a dinner party, where he or she says: “Oh, you just saw the Grand Canyon? So did I—but, you know, from space.” Alas, they are probably polite and friendly.

Magnifying Building

Proposed economic monument in China, or giant magnifying glass proposed by supervillain? You decide!

The Oldest Things

Rachel Sussman set out to photograph the world’s oldest things, and now she’s back with a book that includes stuff like this tree named after a person who set fire to lots of wood.


This giant astronaut sculpture, planted in southern California for the annual Coachella music festival, is animatronic, meaning it can easily make hand gestures, project videos on its helmet, and freak out people who are high.

Organ Mirror

This interactive “mirror” going up at the Computer-Human Interaction conference in Toronto imagines what your organs are like—without, like, medical complications.

Curiosity’s Tracks

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter caught this photo of Curiosity’s tracks on Mars. Good work, little friend.