An Inflatable Concert Hall And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Manta Mansion

Architect Nick Tsontakis unveiled plans this week for a manta ray-shaped supervillain compound in Arizona. It will cost $30 million, have two stories, and presumably come with a trap door that leads to a shark tank.Nick Tsontakis via Dezeen

Magritte Toast

Photographer Ida Frosk made a series of recreations of famous paintings--all on pieces of toast. Here's an appetizing Magritte. A Virgin Mary painting might be fun, with this canvas.Ida Frosk

The Best Beards

Every year, the National Beard and Mustache Championships celebrate the most hirsute. Photographer Greg Anderson takes their portraits. Like this gentleman, who should seriously try out for a slot on Game of Thrones.Greg Anderson via Colossal

An Inflatable Concert Hall

Sculptor Anish Kapoor and architect Arata Isozaki teamed up to create Ark Nova, an inflatable concert hall that will tour the flood- and earthquake-damaged parts of Japan. It seats 500, and has a classy interior, too.Lucerne Festival Arknova 2013 via designboom

Tweets As Telegrams

Charles Gute takes tweets and re-imagines them as Western Union telegrams. Because #yolo.Charles Gute via BuzzFeed

A Giant Zipper

Jun Kitagawa installs giant zippers in places because they make for fun slices of art and also are a good way to embarrass inanimate places, like this unfortunate lake.Jun Kitagawa via Laughing Squid

Blasted Bulbs

Photographer Jon Smith takes high-speed photos of lightbulbs being shot. The bulbs are filled with stuff--paint, molasses, etc.--and the end result is something like this, which was filled with gel balls and shot with a pellet gun. Check out more at Smith's site or Flickr page.Jon Smith

Beaches Of Normandy

In commemoration of Normandy, artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss, along with about 500 volunteers dug 9,000 outlines of people in beaches. In a few hours, the outlines were washed away by the tide.Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss via Design TAXI

Metrophors mines Twitter for geographical x-is-like-y comparisons--"California is the Tijuana of Mexico," etc.--then plots them on a map. Basically, anywhere cold is automatically the Canada of something.Metrophors via The Atlantic Cities

3-D Printed Paintings

A lovely, classic painting? Sure, just one done by a 3-D printer. Researcher Tim Zaman developed a technique where a 3-D printer can create versions of paintings, down to the single brush strokes. Now we just need to teach the machines to sell those paintings to museums and we'll be rich.Tim Zaman via PSFK