With a real X-ray machine, artists Ayako Kanda and Hayashi Mayuka took these intimate, dark, and kind of hilarious images of couples. Ayako Kanda and Hayashi Mayuka via io9

Cloud Canyon

This “cloud inversion” at the Grand Canyon, where fog is trapped in by warm air, only happens every few years. Worth the wait, though.

Exploded Cars

For a series called Disintegrating, Fabian Oefner meticulously took apart cars, then digitally stitched together images of their parts. Here’s a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé.

Brick Mona Lisa

For a potential ad campaign, designer Marco Sodano created digital LEGO portraits of famous works of art.

Dystopian Classics

Contemporary Future is a series of futuristic–and dystopian–versions of classic buildings. Here’s the Denver Art Museum, now a Walmart.

Bonkers Illusion

Crazy Escher-style fake-room? Nope, it’s real–all done with paint. Really.

Raining Wolves

What if wolves really did this? That would be nuts. And scary. Anyway. This is art.

A Bluetooth Gramophone

Gramovox is a tiny gramophone that plays music over Bluetooth. The future is the past is the future.

Octopus Takeoff

Here’s the payload for the National Reconnaissance Office’s latest spaceflight. Yes, that is an octopus. No, we don’t know what’s on board.

Lost Seal

A storm in Norfolk separated hundreds of seals from their mothers. One person caught this photo of a seal swimming along a highway.