Meet the first consumer ATV with airless tires. The non-pneumatic tires will never go flat, even when shot with bullets (they were developed for the military, naturally). $14,999. Courtesy Polaris

The Art of Rube Goldberg

Efficiency? Where’s the fun in that? Compiled by Goldberg’s granddaughter, this collection of overly complex machines also contains hundreds of his photos, letters, and cartoons—a third of them published for the first time. $60

Bosse Tools Ergono­mic Snow Shovel

A second, rotating handle provides better leverage, taking stress off the wrists and back. $79

The LEGO Movie

In the LEGO universe, there’s a word no one utters: glue. So when an evil CEO (Will Ferrell) threatens to glue all the bricks together, an average guy (Chris Pratt) must join a wizard (Morgan Freeman) and Batman (Will Arnett) to save the world.

Light & Motion GoBe

The GoBe flashlight has six swappable heads—each suited to a particular situation. There’s a spotlight for a bike, red focus for night vision, and even a blue light for scuba diving. $199 for body & Nightsea (extra heads sold separately)

Hungry Fan

Not all stadium food is created equal. This iOS app has the complete vendor menus from more than 60 sports arenas tagged to location. You’ll never end up with crappy fare again. Free


Developed by the creators of Guitar Hero, the Singtrix karaoke machine transforms any voice into auto-tuned perfection. It has 350 effects and can even create five-part harmonies from a single voice—for the times when “Bohemian Rhapsody” seems like a good idea. $300

ThinkGeek Teatube

The perfect accessory for your beaker—um, mug. $12

Arduino TRE

Powered by Texas Instruments’ 1GHz Sitara processor, the latest board is 100 times more powerful than its predecessor. The upgrade makes it possible to run advanced Linux- powered applications, such as high-speed communications. Price not set

Jawbone UP24

The new UP24 activity tracker now connects with other smart devices over Bluetooth, so you can set up tasks based on movements. For example, when the band registers that you’ve woken up, it could signal lightbulbs to turn on or a coffeepot to start brewing. $150