The Ryno looks like the love child of a motorcycle and a unicycle. But unlike either, there's little balancing required: A gyroscope and accelerometers help keep a rider upright. Leaning forward accelerates the electric bike to speeds up to 10 mph. $5,300. Courtesy Ryno


In this movie, Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp), an AI researcher, wants to create a machine that has both exceptional analytical power and real emotions. After a radical anti-technology group tries to kill him, his colleagues upload his consciousness as a test. And, well, all the power starts to go to his head.

A Year With Minecraft

In just three years, Minecraft has sold more than 33 million units; an indie video game has never been so popular. In his book, Thomas Arnroth documents the rise of its creators, the world of its fans, and the unexpected influence of a concept based on building blocks. $18

Nendo Cubic Rubber Band

Our favorite design this month is a cubic rubber band. The shape does two things: It makes the band easier to pick up and gives it a firmer grip. We still haven’t found the best way to shoot it, though. $10

Jelly Belly Draft Beer

Meet the world’s first beer-flavored jelly bean. It has wheat and sweet flavors, like the Hefeweizen it was inspired by—and while it doesn’t contain any alcohol, you can eat it with a Red Apple bean for a G-rated apple cider shandy. $8.99/lb.

Crescent Switchblade

This multi-tool has four interchangeable heads—three blades and a plier—for various activities, such as shingle work and cutting wires. $33

Moog Theremini

Hitting the right note on a theremin is surprisingly difficult. So Moog added pitch control to its latest model. With the control turned up, it’s impossible to play a wrong note. Lessen it, and there’s room for vibrato. $319


Put your name on a restaurant’s wait list from anywhere with this app. Then monitor your place in it in real time. Free

Flir One

The Flir One is a thermal imaging device for an iPhone. It detects infrared energy from 32°F to 212°F. Uses include seeing in the dark, locating heat loss, and cheating at hide-and-seek. $350

Kings Island Banshee

The world’s longest inverted roller coaster opened in Mason, Ohio. In two minutes and 40 seconds, riders roar through seven inversions, including a “zero-G-roll,” and reach speeds of 68 mph. Ready for a road trip?