Flowers Made From Code And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Researchers from the European Southern Observatory caught this photo of NGC 3572 and, my god, it’s full of stars.
Refe Tuma and his wife have been running an “imagination invasion,” moving toy dinosaurs around at night and putting them in hilarious situations. The best way to get your kids excited, and also to scare the crap out of an unwitting roommate.
Smithsonian has 3-D scanned some of its most famous stuff–including the Wright brothers’ plane–and is opening it all up for anyone to 3-D print. Or, if you want, you can just go play with the computer models.
Is your chair trying to smother you? Look at the back of your chair. Is there a hoodie there? If no, then good, relax. If yes, it may already be too late.
Feels like we’ve been dreaming of flying cars only a little longer than we’ve actually had cars. Artist Renaud Marion makes retro-futuristic takes on the concept.
Image Quilts is a free Chrome extension that lets you turn your Google Image results into collages. Here is “the future.”
Artist Andy Scott made two giant steel horse heads because he really likes The Godfather, probably art.
NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is quickly becoming the most amazing astro-photographer around, just for pictures of Saturn like this.
Photographer Nagao McCarthy dissects and photographs World War II guns. Here’s a British Webley revolver. Check out more here.