Water-Breathing Thing

Remember in Star Wars: Episode I (I know, I know) when they use those breathing-device things to swim underwater? This is like that! There’s also a Star Wars Wiki entry for it, and I’m going to finish this sentence before I get too deep on that front.

Bird Patterns

These videos are incredible time-lapses of birds in flight, but I have been telling people they are a rare breed of wind spider, which has proved enjoyable, too.

Golf Toe Shoes

Golf already requires the best/worst/weirdest clothing, so maybe having five-toed shoes like this involved wouldn’t be that weird? (No, kidding, it would be the weirdest.)

Spider Eyes

Hey lil’ spider. Whatcha thinkin’ about? Web stuff? Cool.

Reverse Listening Machine

Dominic Wilcox makes some rad, Rube Goldberg-esque stuff.


Every year, the TSA releases a list of stuff it confiscated that year. Here’s a mace. It does say mace isn’t allowed, so.

A Giant Record

This giant record actually spins! But it’s a gigantic copy of Hotel California, so it’s not all great.

Giant Hedgehog

In other giant things news, this is a giant ice sculpture of a hedgehog. Apparently this is a regular occurrence in Sweden.

Volcanic Ash

This is the Vanuatu Archipelago releasing volcanic smog and ash, as seen from space.

Chin Tower

Last but not least, here is a tower of shaved chin bone from a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul. TGIF!