Athletes In Real Life

Photographer Jordan Matter took an amazing series of photos showing athletes going about their everyday lives. (Well, exaggerated versions of their lives.) Here’s dancer Erin Rye. No, the photos aren’t edited–the athletes (and Matter) are just that good. Check out more from the series over at Deadspin.


The Center for Science and the Imagination, a sort of sci-fi project think tank, along with celebrated cyberpunk author Neal Stephenson, just unveiled plans for the creatively named Tall Tower, a proposal for a tower that is really tall. It’ll never get built–at 12.4 miles tall, it would completely dwarf any other building on the planet–but it’s a nice behemoth to look at.

Lego Calendar

The studio Vitamins Design created a fun take on the practical, digital calendar by making it out of Legos. Each row in the calendar represents a month, each column represents a day of the week, and everyone on the team carves out a sub-row for themselves. Color-coded blocks let everyone know what the team member is working on, and sensors on the calendar take the blocks and put them on a shared digital calendar. You can check out a video of the calendar in action here.

Lego Brooklyn

Also on the cool Lego projects front: artist Jonathan Lopes is recreating Brooklyn, New York from his 400-square-foot living room in Brooklyn, New York.

Lace Front Pages

Myriam Dion cuts up newspaper front pages and recreates them as lace-like works of art. Could this be the strategy that saves the flailing newspaper industry???

Stone Lake

Something weird happens at Lake Natron in northern Tanzania: alkalinity in the lake causes creatures to calcify when they’re submerged. These are the results, as documented by photographer Nick Brandt.

Science Art

Fabian Oefner takes beautiful photos of what are more or less science experiments. This is what you get when you set whiskey and oxygen on fire in a bottle.

A 3-D-Printed Car

Artist Ioan Florea 3-D-printed a new metal exterior and attached it to the body of a classic Ford Gran Torino muscle car, giving him this awesome, ramen-like vehicle.

A Rube Goldberg Toothbrush

Inspired by the weird gadgets of the SkyMall catalog, photographer Patrick Strattner created his own series of fake, weird gadgets. Like this toothbrush built to eliminate any hand movement.