A Chimera Apple And Other Amazing Images From This Week

The Chimera Apple
It's almost something straight out of a mythical garden. But the trippy piece of fruit was actually picked out of a tree on Mel Staples' property in Kingston, southern Tasmania. There's no confirmation if taking a bite out of the apple causes God's disappointment and/or deep slumber.Fred Hooper/ABC Australia
Bloom Blanket
The bloom blanket is a cozy piece of art inspired by origami and 3-D shapes. Costanzo is currently funding her project through a Kickstarter campaign that has already surpassed its goal. With this blanket, you'll be the coolest kid at sleepover parties.Bianca Cheng Costanzo via Fast Co. Design
Unnumbered Sparks
The interactive textile sculpture is a collaboration between artist Janet Echelman and Google Creative Director Aaron Koblin. Visitors open up a website on Chrome using their smartphones or tablets to trace designs on their screens that will then be projected on the luminous body in the sky.Ema Peter/Google
Kolelinia Halfbike
Look mom, no seat! Riders have to remain standing while they grasp a vertical shaft to help keep balanced all the while pedaling.Halfbikes via Gizmodo Australia
Cheesy 'J' And The Sculpted Alphabet Series
Foreal made typography way more fun than just ridiculing Comic Sans. The German creative studio sculpted a series of 3-D letter forms in all different shapes, textures, and materials. Check out the rest of the alphabet and what each letter was made out of.Forel via designboom
Southern Plains Dust Storm
Images captured by NASA showed the massive dust storm that covered parts of Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas.NASA
Escalator For Dummies
Finally, a guide for those jerks who don't know how to share the escalator. Thank you, Yoni Alter.Edward Tufte via Twitter
The Bless Helmdo
This head of hair, err, helmet made out of braided fluffy lightweight nylon will keep your noggin safe, and people who see you a little freaked out.[Fast Co. Design](http://shop.creaturesofcomfort.us/blesshelmdo-brown.aspx>Creatures of Comfort via
IceBridge Arctic 2014
IceBridge researchers collected data on sea ice thickness and snow cover over ice surfaces of varying roughness during their surveys off the Alaskan coast. They were also able to capture a snapshot of the mountains in the Brooks Range in far northern North America.Michael Studinger/NASA
‘Alternate Perspectives’
Don't worry, you're not being sucked into a vortex and transported to another time and space. These are spherical panoramas captured by Randy Scott Slavin who then digitally manipulated the images to give the "suck in" effect.Randy Scott Slavin via DesignTaxi