Wooden Lobster

This incredibly detailed lobster is made out of wood. It moves, too. This is the 25-year-old Japanese sculptor’s first attempt at carving wood.

Brazilian Graffiti Plane

Brazilian artist twins graffitied the entire body of the official Boeing 737 for the country’s national soccer team. The plane will transport players between cities during the World Cup.

Sand Printers

These sand printers are part of an installation at the Venice architecture Biennale this year—it’s basically like the favorite childhood activity of making cute patterns in the sand with your feet, but much more precise and meaningful. Debatable about the meaningful part.

Leaving The Opera In The Year 2000

In 1882, a French illustrator imagined that flying buses and limousines would pick us up from the opera by the year 2000. If Albert Robida were alive, he might be disappointed at our progress.

Two-Colored Mars Dunes

Despite having the look of a scaly reptile, this is actually a dune on Mars’ Meridiani Terra (even the name is cool). The image comes from the University of Arizona’s High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE).

Sign From The Future

You have the right to remain silent, but any selfie you take with your smart contact lenses will be shared with authorities and used against you.

Terrible Book Cover

Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

The Colorful Universe

Taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, this is the most colorful, deep, and comprehensive picture of our evolving universe.

The Luigi Death Stare

I will now go watch all the Luigi Death Stare compilation videos (here are a few) rather than play the actual Mario Kart 8.