A Bike Straight Out Of Tron And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Tron Bike

I may have said other things are "Tron"-like, but this bike, which is an actual thing that will really be produced, was designed by the guy who made the props for "Tron." It was the sequel. But still.Lotus via The Verge

Geometric Sandcastles

Calvin Seibert's geometric sand sculptures look like M.C. Escher whiling away a day at the beach.Calvin Seibert via Colossal

Bee Art

By dabbing junk with wax, honey, and other materials to encourage bees to make honeycomb, Aganetha Dyck creates these beautiful, kinda creepy sculptures.Aganetha Dyck via Gizmodo

Thrift Store Sci-Fi

Dave Pollot inserts pop-culture characters from Star Wars and other geek touchstones into thrift-store landscape pastoralia. Here's Futurama's Bender by a pleasant lake.Dave Pollot via Co.Design

Street View London

A savvy Redditor added old photos of London over their relative spots in Google Street View.shystone via Visual News

Light-Painting Robot

Design company Everyware built this robot, which twirls a light in a geometric pattern that can be captured by long-exposure photography.Everyware via Wired

Skull Slinky

This is a 3-D printed skull slinky, because the best children's toys are ALWAYS a) Hamlet allusions, or b) unsubtle reminders of your mortality.Mortal Coil via Laughing Squid

Metal Mirrors

Daniel Rozin uses sensors and motors to create mirrors from stuff that is not a mirror. Probably won't assist you in getting ready in the morning.Daniel Rozin via Dezeen

Self-Driving Office

Will your next office be a self-driving car? Um, sure, I guess? I have spilled coffee on both my desk and dashboard, so they have that in common.Rinspeed via New York Times

Speeding Star

Here's your weekly injection of star photos, you fiends: a supergiant speeding through space at 2.5 million mph.NASA