Microsoft Windows 10 Event In Photos

Check out the HoloLens, Surface Book laptop, Surface Pro 4, and new Lumia smartphones

HoloLens looks cool, but costly

The augmented reality creating HoloLens will be available to software developers at a price of $3000 in the first quarter of 2016.

Don’t mind me, I’m just HoloLensing

The HoloLens let this demo subject play an immersive robot combat game called Project X-Ray. We’re sure that move would look cooler in augmented reality…

Surface Pro 4 is on schedule

Panos Panay announced the Surface Pro 4 release date of October 26.

Getting The Band back together

The new Band is a challenger in the wearables market and will cost $249.

The Surface Book

The metal Surface Book was the big surprise: Microsoft’s first true laptop computer. Yet, like Surface Pro devices, the screen can be removed from the keyboard to function independently as a tablet.

Surface Pro 4 up close

The Surface Pro 4 is similar to the 3, but faster and thinner.

The Surface Pen is mightier

This Surface Book stylus is called the Surface Pen. It has replaceable tips to give a different feel, and a digital eraser on the end.

Lumia Trio

Microsoft also unveiled three new Lumia smartphones: the Lumia 950, 950 XL, and 550. The phones can be docked to function as a full Windows 10 PC.