Vaughan Stealth

The Stealth hammer has a supersized striking face: 1.5 inches. Because it’s so big, a user can swing harder but still hit a nail squarely, so the 17-ounce solid-steel head strikes with as much force as a 32-ounce one. $24

Satechi USB Portable Humidifier

The Satechi bottle top converts any water bottle into a humidifier. Powered via USB, the 2.5-ounce device contains a transducer that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency to turn water into vapor. $30

Rolocule Games Motion Tennis

With the Motion Tennis app, an iPhone becomes a Wii-like controller. After syncing the phone with an Apple TV, a user can swing it like a racket to play a game of on-screen tennis. Using the phone’s gyroscope, magnetometer, and accelerometer, the app translates movements into strokes. $8

Bose QuietComfort 20

The QuietComfort 20 noise-cancellation headphones are the first to let users choose which noises to block. In Aware Mode, the headphones cancel out only lower frequencies, allowing mid and high frequencies to get through. As a result, it’s possible to have a conversation while still listening to music. $300

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art

The Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 is the world’s fastest zoom lens. Because its large aperture remains fixed no matter the level of zoom, photographers can consistently shoot at higher shutter speeds. $799

Smith Optics Audible

With Audible sunglasses, colors are more vibrant. The lenses are the first to block wavelengths at both 480 and 580 nanometers—the regions on the spectrum where blues, reds, and greens intersect, creating muddy hues. $269

Dyson Hard

The Dyson Hard is both a vacuum and a mop. On the head of the 4.7-pound vacuum, a wet pad sits between two channels, through which dust and crumbs are sucked up into a bin. The lithium-ion-powered motor runs for 15 minutes on a charge. $330

Withings Pulse

For those who digitally track health data, dead batteries mean lost results. The Pulse records info for an additional 24 hours after battery-save mode kicks in. The OLED screen disables, but the device still monitors stats, including steps, elevation, and sleep, while it waits for a charge. $100

Tailor Toys PowerUp 3.0

Even a perfectly crafted paper airplane will fly only so far for so long. With the PowerUp conversion kit—an electric motor and combination propeller-rudder—a paper plane can soar for up to 10 minutes. Users control the craft by tilting a Bluetooth-connected iPhone. $50

Garmin HUD

The Garmin HUD is a portable heads-up display for vehicle navigation. Drivers sync a Bluetooth-enabled phone with the 4.3-inch projector, which displays information—turn arrows, distance to the next turn, time to arrival—onto a transparent film applied to the lower windshield. $150

Soireehome Tempour

The Tempour is the multi-tool of wine gadgets. It combines a filter, pourer, and stopper into one piece. It also has a freezable gel-filled tube that a user can insert into a bottle of white to maintain a chill. $50