5 Of The Best Doggie Gadgets

Meet the leash of the future.

Doggie Door

Passport Pet Access Smart System
With the Passport door, pets can let themselves in and out—without leaving the house vulnerable. The door opens only when the right quarter-size RFID collar tag passes within one foot. The system can remember settings for multiple pets; for example, it could let a cat in and out multiple times a day, but a dog only once. From $230

Play Partner

FroliCat Dart
The Dart automatic laser toy keeps pets occupied. Animals chase an eye-safe laser through 16 randomized patterns that shine in a 50-foot circle around the toy. Just set the timer for up to 20 minutes and let Fido loose. $35


Rollo Collar
The Rollo Collar is also a leash. A 4.5-foot cord winds into a compartment built into the collar, and magnets hold the handle securely in place. After the leash uncoils, users press a button on the collar to lock the lead at the desired length. $45

Dog Bowl

PetNet Pintofeed
The Wi-Fi–enabled Pintofeed bowl ensures that pets get fed on time. The bowl attaches to a sealed five-pound kibble bin with a motorized dispenser. Through an app, owners can set custom feeding schedules, or they can leave it to the bowl’s algorithms to determine the healthiest dinnertime. $249


Whistle Activity Monitor
Monitoring a dog’s activity can give owners a window into their pet’s health. The 1.5-inch Whistle clips onto the pet’s collar and syncs data from its accelerometer with a smartphone app over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Because changes in activity and sleep patterns can be early indicators of disease, owners can share reports with their vet to spot problems. $100