Chest Pain Pricing

It’s no secret healthcare procedures often cost way more in the U.S. than they do in other countries. Healthcare costs also vary incredibly across different regions within the U.S. How much?

Well, according to this interactive infographic of hospital pricing data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, going to the hospital for chest pain in Newark, N.J., will cost an average of $37,217, and up to more than $81,000. Compare that with the national average of $17,359. That blue section of the graph above is the range of prices Medicare/Medicaid pays hospitals for that particular medical diagnosis. Compare that to South Bend, Ind., where the average pricing for a chest pain visit is $12,223.

Data Key

Beehive Media, a data visualization and design company, created the interactive graphic as part of a competition put on by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to visualize hospital price data. Another view shows different hospitals in the region, their individual prices and how they fall on the CMS’s Hospital Value Based Purchasing Total Performance Score–green dots mean good and cheap, while red dots mean lower quality and expensive. Gray is neutral.

Newark Pricing

Chest Pain In South Bend

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