Released back in 1989, the Power Glove was a motion-control accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The concept: wave your hand, and stuff on-screen would move. Fun!

Except it wasn’t fun. The Power Glove was critically despised for being difficult to use, and sold next to no units. Only two games were designed to work with it. All we have now are the memories and the dated commercials. And, soon, a documentary.

You see, the Power Glove didn’t quite die back in 1989. A semi-ironic cult fascination with the glove sprang up, and people are hacking it to this day: for music, engineering, and once again, for gaming. The indie flick The Power of Glove will feature interviews with the glove’s creators, as well as with those second-wave users giving it a come-back.

Interesting! You can read some more about it here.

[via Polygon]