New From Dyson: A Tiny Vacuum For City People

Have a tiny apartment, city-dweller? You will want a tiny vacuum for cleaning up tiny messes.

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Sir James Dyson, Inventor General of all the gadgets you didn’t realize you needed, has just released this child-sized vacuum for urban apartments. It’s lovely.

The DC49 Multi Floor weighs about 11 pounds and is powered by the same motor as Dyson’s hand-dryers–those ones that create a mini-hurricane you slowly pull your hands through. (Dyson says the vacuum’s extra quiet, although the hand-dryers definitely aren’t.) The idea’s to attract city-dwellers short on storage space, and you can carry the vacuum’s motor with one hand, if this disembodied arm photo is accurate.

There’s a standard vacuum-cleaner head you can attach, and the DC49 also includes the Dyson Ball tech, which lets the vacuum pivot to steer better. Your furniture’s legs will no longer live in fear.

[Dyson via Dezeen]