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Here’s a thing you don’t hear often when making a purchase: this product is “medical compliant.”

“Here are your skis! They are medical compliant.” “This is the iPhone 5. It is medical compliant.”

But that is apparently required to explain this idea for a gaming device that shocks your skin into convulsions. Not big ones, mind you: just minor, uncomfortable twitches that give you something to fight against while playing a game. In the video here, a reporter from IDG News Service went to Paris’s Computer Human Interaction conference and tried out a flying game where your biggest enemy is apparently your biological reaction to being zapped in the arm. (Ha! Classic fun.)

The idea is to make the game using this system a more immersive experience. For years now, game controllers have used some kind of “rumble” system, where the controller vibrates when the player, say, tumbles down a hill or crashes a car into a wall. This is like that, only with the voltage kicked up.

In the future, when our robot overlords force us into mining the virtual salt mines, they will adapt this technology to keep us in line.

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