New Tools To Make Snow Removal Simple
Sam Kaplan

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New Tools To Make Snow Removal Simple

Simpler Snow Removal


The SnoBoss gives shovelers more leverage to dig under heavy drifts. Grabbing both of the shovel’s vertical steel handles, users push the scooper ahead of them like a plow. The shovel’s 26-inch high-density polyethylene head supports more than 30 pounds of snow. Ames True Temper SnoBoss $35


The Blizzerator makes clearing snow or ice off cars easier and more comfortable. The scraper’s designer, a chiropractor, angled both the brush and the scraper head to 15 degrees, so that users don’t have to stretch across curved windshields or reach overhead to clean roofs. Blizzerator $20–$25


The Compact Track 24 can clear a driveway faster than any other snowblower of its size. Engineers modified the 208-cc engine so that it propels the 200-pound thrower forward 18 percent faster than prior models. Tanklike treads make it easier for users to push the blower over steep or gravelly terrain. Ariens Compact Track 24 Sno-Thro $1,299


When melted snow runs into porous cement and freezes, the water expands, cracking driveways and sidewalks. Morton’s Safe-T- Plus rock salt locks out moisture. The mixture includes a small amount of hydroxyl ethyl cellulose powder, which forms a nonslip, water-blocking gel on the ground when wet. Morton Safe-T-Plus $8 (12-pound jug)