CES 2013: The First Practical Personal Fuel Cell

It's not going to replace your home outlet, but for campers or anyone who wants to venture a little bit off the grid, the Nectar fuel cell looks like a solid option.

We love the potential of fuel cells, no matter what type of fuel they use. So we were excited to try out the Nectar, a butane fuel cell that’ll be available from Brookstone. It’s got enough juice to charge up your phone for about two weeks before you have to pop in a new fuel cell, and yet it’s the size and weight of an electric battery pack with a tenth the power. Our big concern with it is environmental; it’s not user-refillable, and the cells ($10 each) aren’t recyclable. But it’s a promising and very cool first step. Check out the video below.

Video by Benny Migliorino.