After you’re done with the chores in record time—thanks to a new heavy-duty yard vacuum—relax a bit: play some music through classical speakers or set up your iPhone on the big screen with these great gadgets.

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Memory Mod

The Mini backup array lets users access their media more quickly than they could with other drives. The box delegates ongoing tasks such as building directories to the 10-times faster solid-state drives and long-term storage to regular spinning drives. Drobo Mini $649

Fatal Attraction

The 2.6-pound InaTrap eliminates insects without poison or zapping. When exposed to heat from an LED, the bulb’s titanium-dioxide coating reacts with the air and produces CO2, which attracts mosquitoes. A fan then pulls bugs into a holding tank. Acase Inadays InaTrap $90

Remote Control

The Switch + Motion socket turns off the lights in empty rooms automatically. A motion sensor signals the outlet to cut the power when there’s no movement; it turns power back on when someone passes within 10 feet. Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion $100

Screen Play

The 23-inch Aire iPlay monitor blows up iPhone video. When an iPhone is docked, the display’s processor recognizes when a video app such as Netflix is in active playback and automatically toggles from its regular computer feed. AOC Aire iPlay $280

Night Game

Players can see the Firevision football at night. Users wear pairs of frames that shine red or green light, which bounces off prismatic reflector panels on the ball, so it’s visible in darkness from up to 100 feet away. Nerf Firevision Sports Football $20

Look Around

When someone places an iPhone on the Galileo dock, a video chatter on the other end can control his view of the scene a full 360 degrees. To move the angle, the caller sends signals to a 0.6-inch motor in the stand by scrolling around the image in Motrr’s iOS app. Motrr Galileo $130

Mulch Master

The 10-gallon bag on the Trivac yard vacuum will hold an entire lawn full of leaves. In addition to the standard impeller blade, the vacuum has two one-inch shredder blades that help reduce an 18-cubic-foot pile of leaves to one cubic foot of mulch. WORX Trivac $120

Bigger Picture

The Sony RX100 produces the largest, most detailed images of any point-and-shoot. The camera’s one-inch, 20.2-megapixel sensor is nearly four times larger than that of the average pocket cam, and designers added a wide-aperture lens, so that more light reaches the sensor. Sony Cyber-shot RX100 $650

Super Shaver

The Styleshaver Pro is a double-ended groomer. The tool has a foil shaver and beard trimmer, each with its own motor; users transfer power from the central battery pack with a toggle on the handle. Philips Norelco Styleshaver Pro QS6160 $99

Gutter Brain

The Looj is the only autonomous gutter cleaner. Users set the 15.6-inch robot into a clogged gutter, and a set of spinning paddles fling debris to the ground as it moves forward. If it hits an obstacle, sensors on the motor trigger the Looj to shuffle back and forth to dislodge the blockage. iRobot Looj 330 $300

Sound Shapes

Callers can contort this Bluetooth speakerphone to better direct sound at them. The device’s two 1.6-inch drivers sit at the ends of two swiveling arms, which users can rotate a full 180 degrees. DBEST Transformative Bluetooth Hi-Fi System $249

Quick Turn

The GYRO is the first tool users control with gestures. Black & Decker embedded a gyroscope into the handle of the electric screwdriver to control its motor; the farther a user tilts his wrist right, for instance, the faster the motor drives in screws. Black & Decker 4V MAX GYRO $40