Dan Nosowitz

OLED TVs are as much a tradition at the annual CES electronics conference as anything else: you see, you drool, you shake your head and remember that OLEDs are still several years away. But CES 2012 seems to have broken the curse: Samsung promised to release their 55-inch OLED “this year,” and LG, according to a “respected Korean business daily,” will release theirs in May, after a big to-do at the Cannes Film Festival. They’ve even got a price: 9 million Korean won, about $7,900 USD. That sounds like a ton for a TV, but remember that just a few years ago, an 11-inch OLED TV sold for $2,500–I’m actually impressed by the $7,900 number, if it’s true. We’ll keep you guys updated if we learn more. [via The Verge]