10 Board Games We’re Glad We Never Played

Nearly 100 years of questionable games in the pages of Popular Science

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Popular Science‘s history isn’t all flying cars and geodesic domes. Readers of the past liked to have fun, too! Unfortunately, their opportunities to do so, as far as we can tell, were somewhat limited.

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An 1892 issue of the magazine spells out the purpose of games, in case you didn’t know: “They afford needful relaxation to the mind, pleasant diversions to the invalid and afflicted, promoting acquaintance and fellowship.”

Here are 10 games that range from mildly exciting to about as fun as sorting laundry (literally–see “Wash Day” from 1931). Nearly all of these articles came with DIY instructions. Would you still play Scrabble if you had to carve each piece yourself?

This article originally appeared on PopularScience.com_ February 10, 2012._