Working out can be boring, and sometimes the easiest way to get moving is to be entertained. But new interactive gym equipment brings real-world workouts to your basement, making your home training more fun and more effective.

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The Tour de France cycle lets users ride outdoor routes at home. Cyclists create a route using Google Maps, and the bike automatically inclines and declines to mimic the path’s topography. It also takes into account the user’s weight and height to simulate wind resistance. ProForm Tour de France $1,300

Spar Partner

The accelerometers on the Nexersys mixed-martial-arts trainer’s seven strike pads track movement in three directions to determine the accuracy and power of every punch, kick, elbow jab or knee. Fighters can follow 80 workout routines or spar with an onscreen avatar. Nexersys iPower Trainer $2,295

Race Tracker

The Light Speed tracker turns any cardio machine into a real-time virtual race. The device’s laser tracks a reflective sticker placed on an exercise machine and relays speed data to a user’s computer, where he can compete against others on digital courses. WebRacing Light Speed 1 $249


During strength training, BodyVib weights vibrate gently at 36 cycles per second, triggering contractions in often-neglected stabilizing muscles. The dumbbells vibrate only when someone holds their capacitive touch-sensitive grip. BodyVib D1 Vibration Dumbbells Price not set