Amazon announced yet another perk for those who’ve taken the plunge into Amazon Prime today: The Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. Regular library ebooks have only recently become available on Kindle, and they’ve long been kind of a pain to import, so this seems to be Amazon’s own version of a library. Prime members who are also Kindle owners can download one book a month, for free, from a limited selection of books.

The selection seems to be fairly limited, though not totally bereft of good stuff. The Hunger Games trilogy is there, as is Kitchen Confidential, Moneyball, The God Delusion, Fast Food Nation, and my personal favorite, The Everything Soup, Stew, and Chili Cookbook. It’s only available on Kindle devices like the ultra-cheap $80 Kindle we recently reviewed, at the moment–no Kindle apps on non-Kindle devices like tablets or smartphones. It’s easy to find, and available now; just open the Kindle store and it’ll be listed in the “Browse” section.

Amazon Prime is rapidly becoming a pretty great service–in addition to the free two-day shipping, you get the Netflix-like Instant Videos and now these free ebooks. Hopefully the selection perks up–we’re sure publishers have objections to the idea of free ebook lending, but as consumers, we love free things.