Video: How to Turn Two iPads Into a Gory, Gaping Hole in Your Torso

Happy Halloween!

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Trawling the Web looking for that last minute costume idea today? Look no further. NASA engineer Mark Rober has a “relatively simple” (we’re calling it relatively expensive) yet technologically elegant solution to your Halloween wardrobe woes. All you need is two iPad 2s, some fake blood, and a shirt that you no longer care for.

The motif is “guy/gal who has a gaping hole clear through his/her torso.” You can customize this theme however you like, but the basic idea is this: affix one iPad to your front and one iPad to your back, screens facing out. Initiate a FaceTime chat between the two. Cut corresponding holes in your shirt. Decorate with as much blood/gore as you feel comfortable with.

And like that, you’ve created the illusion that someone has perforated your abdomen. Brilliant, right? It should be. Rober has spend the last half decade designing and building parts of the Mars Science Laboratory, a.k.a. the next Mars Rover. Ingenuity manifests itself in many ways it seems. Rober explains his creation in the video below.